23 March 2016

Green Army makes a difference along Great Ocean Road

Young people involved in the Surf Coast Restoring Coastal Corridors Green Army team are seeing the results of their hard work come to fruition after completing their on-ground project today.

The Green Army project restored and enhanced habitat for seven Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act listed species between Torquay and Lorne. The Green Army Team worked with five coastal volunteer groups and three land managers including the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, Surf Coast Shire and Parks Victoria. Local Green Army participants have made a significant contribution and through their dedication and teamwork, we can see firsthand the tangible results of their activities.

These participants have not only generated real environment and conservation benefits for our community, but they have gained valuable practical training and experience to help them prepare for the workforce, pursue further training or improve their career opportunities. As the Green Army grows, so too do the opportunities for young people around Australia to get involved.

There are now 13 completed, active or soon to commence Green Army projects across Corangamite.

In Apollo Bay, the Southern Otway Landcare Network will undertake three projects along the Great Ocean Road and Barham River. In Aireys Inlet, the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee will lead a Green Army team to undertake environmental works along the Great Ocean Road.

The Swan Bay Catchment Committee will oversee a Green Army team that will extensive threatened species work across the Bellarine.  The Barwon Coast Committee will lead a Green Army team to conduct coastal dune work in Ocean Grove.  Across the Golden Plains Shire, Greening Australia will increase biodiversity outcomes on the Victorian Volcanic Plains.

The Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee has completed coastal works from Lorne to Anglesea.  The National Trust of Australia has completed vegetation works at Barwon Park in Winchelsea. Barwon Coast Committee has completed dune works from Barwon Heads to Ocean Grove.  The Borough of Queenscliffe has completed foreshore works.  The VFF Farm Treet & Landcare Association will commence works in the Central Otways in January.

I encourage all those interested in helping their environment and gaining new skills and training to seek out Green Army opportunities in their region.

Further opportunities to join a Green Army project can be found online at www.australia.gov.au/greenarmy.

23 March 2016

Photo: With the Surf Coast Restoring Coastal Corridors Green Army team