05 March 2015

Speech: Labor must back local jobs

The Andrews Government in Victoria has already destroyed 7000 jobs because of its reckless decision to cancel the East West Link project.

These are jobs that must be saved, this is a road that must be built and this is a contract that must be honoured.

Now there are concerns over Victoria’s response to the multi-billion dollar Land 400 defence project.

With the tender for Land 400 now open, Victoria is lagging badly behind and needs to immediately announce a package of incentives to bring a large slice of this vital project to Geelong.
So far, we have heard nothing.

Premier Andrews must get on the front foot and start fighting for these jobs, and the incredible opportunities that Land 400 would bring to our region.

The South Australian Government is offering an estimated $100 million in manufacturing infrastructure, support and other incentives.

Where is the Victorian Government’s package? Financial incentives, payroll and other tax concessions, fast-tracking of planning approvals, manufacturing infrastructure, a Land 400 regional headquarters.

Defence SA has Air Chief Marshall Sir Angus Houston – where is Victoria’s Land 400 ambassador?

Premier Andrews is wasting vital time and needs to start fighting for Land 400 jobs with all the determination and commitment that his government can muster.

And he must reverse his reckless economic decision and Build the Link.

5 March 2015