24 August 2014

Teesdale mail poll results reflect an unfair system

The Teesdale mail poll confirms that Australia Post must implement a more democratic voting system.

Australia Post polled 589 homes in the Teesdale community from 7 July to 8 August.

Of the homes surveyed, 212 people returned their surveys. A total of 206 people voted in favour of a change to the present mail delivery arrangements, while just six voted against.

In total 295 “yes” votes were required for Australia Post to consider providing roadside delivery.

Due to the unfair polling methodology where unreturned surveys are counted as a “no” vote, Australia Post will not be changing the current mailing arrangements.

Australia Post should adopt the 2009 recommendation of the Postal Industry Ombudsman who found that treating a non-response as a “no” vote was inappropriate.

The polling method is undemocratic in that the vote is skewed in favour of maintaining the “status quo”.

Teesdale is a growing community, with a population of over 1480 people. It is a town which is big enough to warrant its own mail delivery.

24 August 2014