12 June 2014

Greater fairness needed for Teesdale mail poll

Federal Member for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson, has called on Australia Post to change it mail poll policy which is unfair to communities such as Teesdale.

Australia Post has announced it will poll the Teesdale community this month from 23 June 2014 to determine whether residents want roadside mail delivery.

Residents currently collect their mail from the licensed post office at the general store.

Ms Henderson hosted a community meeting in Teesdale last night and has today written to Australia Post CEO, Ahmed Fahour, to convey concerns raised by residents.

“It’s important that Australia Post considerers the 2009 recommendations of the Postal Industry Ombudsman when conducting this poll,” Ms Henderson said.

A key finding was that Australia Post should review its polling methodology and should consider moving away from treating a non-response as a ‘no’ vote.

Last night, Teesdale residents expressed considerable anger over the unfair way in which Australia Post determines whether a town receives a mail delivery service.

“I call on Australia Post to vary its policy so that only ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses are included in the count,” Ms Henderson said.

“The last Teesdale mail poll, in 2008, counted unreturned polling forms as ‘no’ votes which considerably skewed the vote,” she said

“Around 700 homes will be polled, presenting the Teesdale community with a vital opportunity to provide feedback.”

I welcome the news that Australia Post will poll Teesdale residents. Australia Post should delay the poll to ensure the community is fully briefed and aware of the process.”

“Australia Post’s website must also be updated to include detailed information about the coming poll,” Ms Henderson concluded.

Click through to read Sarah’s letter to Australia Post CEO, Ahmed Fahour.

12 June 2014