Major roads

Major roads projects in Corangamite include the Princes Highway duplication Waurn Ponds to Colac to which the Federal government is contributing $271m and the $50m Great Ocean Road upgrade which has already funded projects in Anglesea, Lorne, Separation Creek and Lavers Hill.

Roads to Recovery program

The Morrison government is also providing substantial roads funding directly to local councils under the Roads to Recovery program. The five local councils in Corangamite will receive $40.54m in funding between 2014/15 and 2018-19 as follows:

  • Colac Otway: $11.4m
  • Golden Plains: $8.7m
  • Greater Geelong: 13.8m
  • Queenscliff: $231k
  • Surf Coast: $6.3m

As ‘untied’ funding, councils are able to allocate this funding to their priority roads projects.

Roads to recovery projects

Greater Geelong

  • Blackgate Rd Breamlea – road shoulders for bicycle use, road patching
  • McKeown Lane Belmont – asphalt overlay
  • Barwarre Road Marshall – asphalt overlay
  • Rugby Street Belmont – asphalt overlay
  • Mill Road Lara – Full pavement reconstruction and widening
  • Dandarriga Drive Clifton Springs – full road reconstruction including kerb and channel
  • Alkira Ave Norlane – asphalt overlay
  • Dunloe Ave Norlane – asphalt overlay
  • Heather St Hamlyn Heights – asphalt overlay
  • Robin Ave Norlane – asphalt overlay
  • Sparks Road Norlane – asphalt overlay

Surf Coast

  • Freshwater Creek Ghazeepore, Dickins, Mt Duneed Road areas – flood mitigation works
  • Sunset Strip Jan Juc – accessible parking
  • The Esplanade Torquay – kerbing/sealing
  • Gosney St/Murrell St Winchelsea – intersection modification
  • Cameron Road Anglesea – long vehicle parking
  • Beach Road Torquay – long vehicle parking
  • Aireys Inlet – pedestrian island
  • Anglesea – Great Ocean Road/Forest Road service road

Golden Plains

  • McPhillips Road Bannockburn – design for future asphalt widening
  • Sago Hill Road Haddon – roundabout re-asphalting
  • Terrier Road Inverleigh – two lane sealed road
  • Camerons Road Meredith – two lane sealed road
  • Meredith-Mt Mercer Road – two lane sealed road
  • Ballan-Mt Meredith Road – two lane sealed road
  • Spratlings Road Ross Creek – two lane sealed road
  • School Lane Ross Creek – two lane sealed road
  • Thomson Street Shelford – two lane sealed road
  • Meredith-Shelford Road Shelford – two lane sealed road
  • Pascoe Street Smythesdale – two lane sealed road
  • Wingeel Road Wingeel – road widening

Colac Otway:

  • Nalangil Road – road reconstruction
  • Airey Street – road reconstruction
  • Ferrier Drive – road reconstruction
  • McLeod Street – road reconstruction
  • Warrowie Road – road reconstruction
  • Division Road – road reconstruction
  • Collins Road – road reconstruction
  • Busty Road – road reconstruction
  • Triggs and Drapers Road intersection – drainage improvements

Black Spot Program:


Swan Bay Road Mannerim: install guardrail, road reconstruction, sealing and delineation – $861,000

Corio Street Belmont: install splitter islands, delineation and raised pedestrian platform and upgrade existing lighting – $183,000

Cape Otway Road/Taylors Road Moriac: widen road seal, install alignment markers, linemarking, reflective markers, warning signage and install guardrail – $110,000

Cape Otway Road Wurdiboluc: Install reflective markers, warning signage, edge linemarking and delineation – $60,000


Bellevue Avenue Highton – install traffic islands, cycle lanes, upgrade lighting – $231,000

Lawrence Road Point Lonsdale – install cycle lanes and warning signs – $58,000


Corio: Intersection of Heales Road and Broderick Road at Corio (grant $774,500) to install traffic signals and lighting

Belmont: Barrabool Road curve near Barwon River (grant $730,000) which will widen the road at curve and construct flat top road humps and associated works and improve lighting

Anglesea: Forest Road from Gum Flats Road to Nortons Road (grant $500,500) to widen shoulder seal at curves, install guardrail with rubrail, chevron alignment markers, warning and speed advisory signs

Mount Duneed: Horseshoe Bend Road from McCanns Road to west of Thompson Creek (grant $499,800) to widen shoulder seal and install edge lines, guideposts and Raised Reflective Pavement Markers (RRPMs), install guardrail, rubrail and speed advisory signs, install vehicles activated sign and reduce speed limit to 60km/hr (limited section only)

Corio: Intersection of Harpur Road and Ontario Street at Corio (grant $460,200) to install roundabout, wombat crossings and associated civil works, install safety barrier and bollards and improve lighting

Belmont: Intersection of High Street and Watson Avenue at Belmont (grant $309,800) to install splitter island on Watson Avenue and right turn auxiliary lane on High Street and install lightin

Lorne: William Street from Otway Street to Smith Street (grant $129,900) to apply skid resistance overlay (Otway and Smith Streets), install truck warning/advisory signs, linemarking and Raised Reflective Pavement Markers (RRPMs)

Colac: Hart Street from Irrewillpe Road to Miller Street (grant $13,100) to install linemarking, bicycle lane, Raised Reflective Pavement Markers (RRPMs), signage and painted kerb outstands