While the Federal Government provides a wide range of grants and funding support to organisations including by way of competitive application, below is a list of some key local grants and funding programs which are currently open and relevant to Corangamite residents.

You may also want to check out an excellent resource – www.grantready.com.au – which collates all government grants as well as some philanthropic grants.

If you need any more information or help applying for a grant, please don’t hesitate to call Sarah’s office on 03 5243 1444.

  1. Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme: Applications currently open.  See http://www.business.gov.au/advice-and-support/EIP/Pages/default.aspx
  2. Automotive Industry Structural Adjustment Programme: Applications currently open. See http://www.business.gov.au/grants-and-assistance/growth-fund/Automotive-Industry-Structural-Adjustment-Programme/Pages/default.aspx
  3. Saluting Their Service grants and Veteran and Community Grants program: Visit the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) website www.dva.gov.au/grants or contact your nearest DVA office on 1800 555 254.
  4. Building Excellence in Support and Training: (BEST) Program supports ESOs to provide compensation and welfare assistance to the veteran and Defence communities. It also links closely to the Advocacy Training and Development Program, which provides practitioners with the essential skills for claims, advocacy and welfare work.
  5. As per our election commitment, the Corangamite Solar Communities program is expected to open mid 2017 – check here for updates.Community groups, organisations and individuals are invited to start their own tree planting projects by applying for grants under round three of the 20 Million Trees Program. Applications close on 15 August 2017. More information is available at www.nrm.gov.au/20-million-trees.
  6. Applications for this round of Supporting Young Veterans grants (SYV) will close on 1 September 2017, with successful applicants announced later in the year. More information about the SYV grants program, including how to submit an application can be found online at www.dva.gov.au/consultation-and-grants/grants.Inclusive Communities grants aim to build strong, resilient and cohesive communities to help make Australia more secure and harmonious as a whole. Applications close on 23 August 2017 and can be made at https://www.grants.gov.au/?event=public.GO.show&GOUUID=D111C374-0875-D888-ECC201DC6955616D
  7. Community Resilience grants aim to build strong, resilient and cohesive communities to help make Australia more secure and harmonious as a whole. Applications close on 23 August 2017 and can be made at  https://www.grants.gov.au/?event=public.GO.show&GOUUID=D87B9250-FFE1-0A2E-16493A2ECA27794E