National achievements

Creating more and better skilled Aussie jobs

  • Getting more Australians into work with 232,000 jobs created over the last year
  • Replacing 457 visas with an improved temporary skilled visa scheme to ensure Australians have first priority for Australian jobs

Tax cuts for small business

  • The Coalition is delivering much for small business including significant red tape reduction, extending the instant asset write-off and providing tax cuts to 16,920 small businesses across Corangamite
  • These incentives will provide a major boost for jobs and the economy

Fairer, needs-based school funding

  • Funding is estimated to grow by an additional $23.5 billion for Australia’s schools over the next decade from 2018-2027
  • Every school will receive a fair amount of federal funding based on their individual needs, with extra assistance for those with the greatest needs, such as students with disability
  • We have also passed child care reforms that will deliver an extra $430 million to help families access pre-school, building on a record $2.5 billion additional investment in early childhood education

Securing Australia’s energy future

  • Delivering Snowy Hydro 2.0 to provide energy security and create thousands of construction jobs
  • Securing our domestic energy supply through a new export licensing scheme
  • Investing nearly $60 million to support gas exploration and development
  • Covering peak demand with a new gas supply guarantee

Restoring the rule of law to workplaces

  • New laws to protect the rule of law in Australia’s construction industry and protect low-paid workers from union rip-off
  • Protecting 60,000 volunteer firefighters from a hostile union takeover of the CFA

Helping reduce household electricity bills

Following the Finkel Review, our government has announced new measures to deliver more affordable, reliable power and gas whilst lowering emissions. These include:

  • New regulations to give Australian customers priority to gas before it is exported
  • More funding to the regulator to stop energy networks from gaming the system
  • Back up storage requirements to ensure renewable energy is more reliable
  • Boosting the Snowy Hydro scheme by 50%, adding 2,000 megawatts of renewable energy, enough to power 500,000 homes

Keeping Australians Safe

  • Strong laws to keep terrorists behind bars when they continue to pose a danger to the community
  • Over 1,100 days since a successful boat arrival and securing resettlement for refugees on Manus and Nauru
  • Delivering $321.4m, the largest single funding increase for the AFP’s domestic policing capabilities in more than a decade
  • Strengthening our citizenship laws to ensure a priority is placed on respect for Australian values and on demonstrating an ability and willingness to integrate

Strong economic growth

  • Over $34 billion of sensible Budget repair since the election
  • On track for a Budget surplus in 2020-21

Greater accountability for big banks

  • Creating a one-stop shop where consumers can resolve disputes with their banks
  • A new Banking Executive Accountability regime to keep bank bosses honest and their pay within community standards

Making multinationals pay their fair share of tax

  • Introduced new laws to close loopholes and tax multinational corporation profits here, so more money can be returned to our community

Fully funding the NDIS and guaranteeing Medicare

  • Securing the future of the National Disability Insurance Scheme with real money to provide certainty and security
  • Securing Medicare for all Australians with an increase in funding of $2.4 billion over four years

Strengthening and growing the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

  • Over $1.2 billion in extra funding delivered to provide cheaper access to life changing medicines for Australian people
  • Listing more drugs on the scheme to ensure Australians have access to the drugs they need