03 September 2018

Media Statement: Geelong’s City Deal

I am fighting extremely hard to deliver the best City Deal possible for Geelong and the broader region including the Great Ocean Road.

I am looking forward to making some very positive announcements.

Of the projects announced by the state, Labor has part-funded only one new project in Geelong which is the proposed convention centre. That is not good enough.

Our government has already contributed some funding to central Geelong and the Safe Harbour Project on the Geelong waterfront, as has the state. More funding is needed.

It says a lot about Labor that it has not, to date, shown any interest in projects in the Corangamite electorate which is unacceptable.

It is also unacceptable that Labor has refused to provide any funding to fix local rail infrastructure including the disastrous Regional Rail Link.

The Morrison government has $150 million on the table for the Geelong rail duplication but the best we get from Labor is an election commitment for 20 per cent of the project.

This demonstrates how little Labor cares about fixing our second rate rail service.

3 September 2018