10 May 2018

Budget 2018: Youth Allowance improvements boost support for regional families

The Turnbull Government is increasing the Youth Allowance parental income cut-off for the regional workforce self-supporting independence criteria from $150,000 to $160,000.

Many families work hard to support students and young people who have had to move away from home to seek out work.

Changing the cut-off recognises the added cost pressures people are feeling today.

The new $160,000 cut-off will be increased by $10,000 for each additional child in the family.

Raising children and then supporting them through their early adulthood as they make their mark is a genuine burden carried by many regional families.

This $10,000 increase to the cut-off means that families with multiple children get the support which they need through the Youth Allowance.

The Government is also changing the year for assessing parental income to the year prior to any gap year.

Students will know whether their parental income is above or below the cut-off before they make the decision to defer university studies, take a gap year and work, to qualify as independent.

This enables planning to take place with practical knowledge of what support, if any, a young person can expect to receive.

These changes are set to improve the Youth Allowance system, providing young people with every opportunity to excel in their given field and setting them up for greater success in the future.



10 May 2018