15 November 2017

Yes result for Same Sex Marriage Survey

I welcome the historic ‘yes’ result in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey announced today.

With 79.5% of Australians responding, there has been very strong support for our government’s postal survey.

As expected, the ‘yes’ vote has prevailed with 61.6% of the vote.  In Corangamite, the ‘yes’ vote was a very big 71.6%.

This is a decisive result.

I look forward to supporting a Private Member’s Bill to change the Marriage Act to allow same sex couples to marry which I expect will be introduced into the House of Representatives in the next sitting week.

It is imperative that the Bill includes strong protections for religious institutions.  As the definition of civil marriage changes, religious freedom is paramount.  Religious institutions must be able to continue to adhere to their beliefs.

That said, the Bill must not allow discrimination against same sex couples including in relation to the provision of commercial services.

15 November 2017