15 November 2017

‘Yes’ result for same sex marriage postal survey

I welcome the historic ‘yes’ result in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey announced today.

With 79.5% of Australians responding, there has been very strong support for our government’s postal survey.

As expected, the ‘yes’ vote has prevailed with 61.6 per cent of all Australians voting to support same sex marriage.  In the Corangamite electorate, I was one of 72 per cent of residents who voted yes.  This is a very decisive result and demonstrates that, in Australia, our time has come.

As I said back in 2015, support for marriage equality is consistent with fundamental Liberal values which embrace freedom of the individual and stable, long term relationships.  If two people love each other and wish to commit to a life together, they should have the option to be recognised equally under the law.

The Turnbull government committed to respect the will of the Australian people and that is what we are doing.  Today, Senator Dean Smith introduced into the Senate a private member’s bill to change the Marriage Act to allow same sex couples to marry.  The Bill will be passed by Christmas.

Consistent with my own beliefs and the majority vote in my electorate and across the nation, I will vote for a bill to support same sex marriage which includes strong religious protections. I recognise and respect there are many Corangamite residents who do not support same sex marriage and voted ‘no’.

I thank the many thousands of constituents who have shared their views with me on marriage equality over the past four years.

15 November 2017