26 June 2017

Government investment in AFP to protect Victorians from gang crime

Federal Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson has welcomed the Coalition Government’s announcement that Australian Federal Police (AFP) capabilities will be targeted towards combatting gang crime and violence in Victoria.

This is part of the Coalition Government’s additional $321.4m investment in the AFP that we announced in this year’s Budget- the largest single funding increase for the AFP’s domestic policing capabilities in more than a decade.

“No government is more committed to giving our law enforcement agencies the powers and resources they need to protect our communities than the Turnbull Government,” Ms Henderson said.

“With such a massive increase in crime in the Corangamite and Geelong regions, particularly gang related crime, this is a very significant investment.”

This funding will unlock greater access for Victoria Police to the AFP’s world-leading forensic, intelligence and high-tech crime fighting capabilities and expertise. It includes measures such as:

  • A dedicated AFP out-posted intelligence officer to support Victorian anti-gang investigations;
  • Advanced forensic examination capabilities and criminal intelligence mapping to support investigations; and
  • Direct access to the AFP’s National Forensic Rapid Lab to fast-track evidence collection and analysis to better target criminal gangs.

Minister Keenan said today’s announcement means that Victoria Police and the AFP will be able to identify, catch and prosecute these violent criminals faster than ever before.

“Importantly, this will work hand-in-hand with the multi-agency National Anti-Gangs Squad, which received $3 million in additional Federal funding last year to allow them to continue their work until June 2019,” Mr Keenan said.

26 June 2017