19 April 2017

Raising our voices for the Australian Heritage Festival

I would like to welcome the start of the Australian Heritage Festival. 

The five week festival features more than a thousand events around the country and runs through until 21 May 2017.  

Thanks to a three-year partnership with the Australian Government, the National Trust’s annual festival has now been expanded into a month long celebration of the people and places that make Australia’s heritage so unique.  

The Festival’s theme, Having a Voice, is extremely fitting as our nation’s heritage is rich with voices from many cultures.  

Our nation’s unique heritage contributes to our sense of place, community and personal wellbeing, it tells us where we have come from and who we are, and is an important part of our national identity.  

For the next five weeks there are opportunities to share stories, explore traditions and bring history to life through guided walks, tours, demonstrations and hands-on history experiences for all ages.  

It is also an opportunity to learn more about the 108 places on the National Heritage List, made up of the natural, Indigenous and historic heritage places of outstanding significance to Australia.   

Local National Heritage listed places include the Great Ocean Road and surrounding environment which now attracts 5.5 million visitors each year. I am incredibly proud that our government has led the way in delivering $100 million in partnership with the state to upgrade this iconic road.  

For more information on the National Heritage List visit: http://environment.gov.au/heritage/places/national-heritage-list  

Find out about festival events in the area and around the country by visiting www.australianheritagefestival.org.au, or connect via the hashtag #HavingAVoice on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  

This exciting festival is an opportunity to celebrate and learn more about the heritage places in our own backyard, and I encourage everyone to become involved.  

19 April 2017