20 May 2016

Coalition Government delivering improved mobile phone coverage in Corangamite

Residents and visitors to Carlisle River now have improved mobile phone reception thanks to the Turnbull-Joyce Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme.

The new base station at Carlisle River is one of 499 new or upgraded sites funded through round 1 of the Coalition Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme, which is extending handheld mobile coverage in Australia by 68,600 square kilometres. Round 1 saw the Coalition Government’s $100 million investment turned into a total of $385 million following co-contributions by state and territory governments, local governments and other third parties.

Federal Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson said the Programme brings a much needed boost to mobile coverage in the region, providing benefits to emergency service operators, businesses, and residents.

“The Coalition understands the importance of mobile coverage in regional and remote areas of Australia, which is why we allocated $100 million for round 1 of the Programme and a further $60 million for round 2. Despite being in Government for six years, Labor did not spend one dollar on fixing mobile black spots in regional Australia,” Ms Henderson said.

Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash said today’s announcement was only made possible by the Coalition Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme, first announced ahead of the 2013 Federal Election.

“As a rural Australian who experiences limited mobile coverage on the roads to my home, I understand the issues faced by those living with little or no coverage. Although coverage is essentially dictated by the market, government can help, and that’s what the Coalition’s Mobile Black Spot Programme does. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Carlisle River or Colac, better mobile phone coverage makes life easier.

Round 2 of the Mobile Black Spot Programme will provide coverage to more locations around regional and remote Australia.  A competitive selection process is now underway for round 2, with the successful locations to be announced by the end of 2016.

More information about the Programme and the rollout schedule is available at www.communications.gov.au/mobile_coverage

20 May 2016